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So why the ITTMA?

– I started the Independent Travel and Tourism Marketing Association because many independent tourism operators find out that getting guests is much more work than they imagined. The most important piece – marketing – was something no-one talked enough about. And in today’s world, the best ways to market your hospitality business are completely different from what they were 10 years ago, and sometimes they even change several times a year.

Having learned all kinds of modern marketing and publicity techniques for my own business, I decided to help tourism businesses with the same. I examine what works and doesn’t, both inside the hospitality and tourism industries, and from outside them as well. So here’s how the ITTMA helps you.

Standing out from the crowd is what you have to do to succeed in today’s economy, with lots of ways for people to get their news, hundreds of channels on TV, and limitless pages on the internet. The ITTMA will teach you how to become the ‘obvious choice’ for travelers to your area.

We’ll help you learn how to get more guests, using methods such as:

Branding (and no, it’s not about logo design)

Social Media

Direct Marketing, both by mail and email

Online Marketing

And many more methods….

And all of our information will be in the most jargon-free, plain English we can manage, with no fluff. – Plus I’ll be adding lots of curated content from other experts, both inside and outside of the hospitality industry.

We’ll also be curating the best marketing, branding, and publicity information from other sources, both inside and outside of the hospitality industries.

Thanks for checking out the ITTMA. Now let’s get you more guests.



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