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Who is the customer for your promotions?

Each guest has a set of items that defines what they want and their willingness and ability to pay for it. We are assuming that you have already determined your perfect guest – who they are, their likes and dislikes, what needs and wants you are meeting when they come and stay with you, how much they arewilling and able to pay for it, the best way to communicate with them, and so on.



Knowing more about your guests, and understanding what they want and what you can offer to meet these wants means you can:



   Make sure all your benefits are targeted at your guests – What’s in it for them.


   All your ‘advertised’ solutions are for  problems you know your customers would like to have solved


   Your prices are right for your target customers (they perceive they are getting good value for the money, even if it’s a premium)


.  Your offer or promotion relates to your guests interests


   You can set your offer to appeal directly to your target market– either creating an affinity with them or demonstrating that you know exactly what they want.



Before you start to plan your promotion, you need to have a ‘picture’ of your ideal target guests in mind. Focus on just one idea for now.



Next you need to be clear that there is a demand for what you intend to offer. What need or want are you aiming to meet?




                What do guest comments tell you they’d like more of?


                What does their online feedback tell you they’d like to see you offer?



Create a mental picture of your guest and imagine them receiving or responding to a forthcoming promotion. How would they act?

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