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How can hoteliers create relevant content?

A vanity website is a great platform for showcasing your hotel’s story. By creating original content and displaying rich media, travel shoppers searching for a unique experience can learn about how your hotel will meet their individual needs.
Robert Cole, founder of Rock Cheetah, shares in this video how the right kind of content can target specific travel segments and the importance of creating content for multiple web pages.

Here’s what he recommends:

“I look at developing website content almost like an architect. What you really need to look at is first your website structure and that can be both on a desktop and a mobile site or if you have a responsive site, that may be for both. What you really need to provide are nice logical paths, trying to figure out what does that guest want to do, what is the purpose of every page. Every page should have a purpose and if it doesn’t get rid of the page, simplify things. I think that’s really the key, to make sure it’s structured so people can get to where they need to go, get the information they need, and to do it very quickly.

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