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Just like the Captain & Tennille, nothing lasts forever.

Captain & Tennille were a big hit in the 1970’s. I haven’t kept up with them, but I’m betting that they kept playing the same old music to adoring fans for the past 38 years.

If your inn or hotel is still doing things the way they were done in 30-plus years ago, I’d be amazed if you’re still in business. Travelers want a host of new things now that they didn’t need then, including high-speed wi-fi and rooms that must be perfect. There are too many choices for anything to be substandard in your guests’ minds. They’ll tell everyone they know, on and off of social media, if the experience doesn’t live up to their expectations.

Your marketing needs to evolve also, if you want to keep surviving. If you’re not using social media, and using it correctly, you’ll lose market-share. You need to be involved with publicity and creating unique experiences for your guests, in order to stand out, or even keep up in today’s world.

Don’t do things the way you’ve always done and expect to thrive in the current economy. Never has it been easier to stand out and market yourself and your establishment. Learn social media. Learn to market to niches and not to everyone. Learn to be a “publicity hound” and get your name in the newspapers, magazines, and blogs that will keep you fully booked. Stop throwing away money on ads that can’t be tracked and doing what everyone else is doing.

Be original.

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