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Kayak debuts voice-enabled travel search on Amazon Echo

Amazon’s popular Echo device integrates with a number of third-party services. As of today, that includes Kayak, where you can now use the voice assistant to search for flight, rental car and hotel information.

To enable the capability, users must add the Kayak “skill” on the Alexa smartphone app. To initiate Kayak, you need to say the somewhat cumbersome, “Alexa, ask Kayak . . .” But once in, Kayak users can track flights and ask a wide range of questions, which sometimes include extended “conversational” interactions. Currently, there’s no booking capability, but that will likely come in the future.

Most of the content is enabled through the Kayak “Explore” and “Flight Tracker” tools. Example questions users can ask include:

– “How much will it cost to fly to New York in June?”
– “Search for hotels in Michigan”
– “Where can I fly for $500?”

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