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What is your primary objective of running promotions?

We need to decide what you want it to achieve and who it is for so that you can:


.-   Determine your objectives for running the promotion and your definition

of success


  Define your target audience, and what your promotiois designed to do


   Identifying potential promotions or offers to achieve your goal and appeal to potential guests



You may already have some specific promotions in mind.We’ll help you come up with ideas if you don’t.



Ask yourself these 3 questions:



?                What do you want to get out of running a promotion?


?                Who is the promotion or offer targeted to?


?                What kind of promotion will achieve your goal?


Promotions are all about adding value to stimulate interest and ultimately increase bookings by doing one of three things:

?                Increasing the numberof guestsi.e.introducing new peopleto your inn.

?                Increasing the number of times they visit 

?                Increasing how much they spend on each visit- i.e. selling a package instead of just a room



This may be to get an immediate result on your bookings, or could be a part of a trust-building strategy.


Do you need to attract more new guests or are you looking for your promotions to get the attention of your existing guests to encourage them to come back?  It may of course be a combination of the two,but unless you determine this you wont know how to reach your target audience. Or are you wanting people to spend more once they visit- maybe staying more nights,or spending more on additional items such as evening meals, spa treatments, buying your unique gifts, etc.


It is easy to give something away,but unless theres a measured financial benefit it can be very damaging to your business.



At this point you might be thinking that you just want the promotion to raise your profile and let people know what you offer. Thats all very well, but if there is a cost involved you need to know what you expect to get back from this in the long run, and over what period of time. Any efforts put into building the relationship with prospects and existing guests should still have profitability as an ultimate goal.



You may be totally aware that not everyone who takes up your offer will become a longterm loyal guest but what you do need to know is the percentage who will and the ultimate lifetime value of that guest. Once you know this you are in a position to determine how much you can invest in your promotion.




So whatever your initial goal, all promotional activities need to lead ultimately to some tangible sales levels to make the investment (of money, time and effort) worth your while.

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