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Six Reasons Why You Need to Create a Press Release

What is the easiest way to build online visibility and search
engine attention? If you ask me, I’d say it is news releases.
There are companies who rely entirely on this strategy to
market their business. If you haven’t yet considered creating
a press release, here are six important reasons why you
should do it.

Increase Your Reach and Business’ Visibility

People aresearching for a service provider or product to fill
their specific need. Perhaps your business has the solution.
But, if nobody can find it or reach you, there is no benefit.

Enhance YourCredibility

Press releases can make your business look important.
The more news you have online, the more buzz you’ll gain
for your website or brand.

Quick And Inexpensive

Compared to other advertising strategies,press releases
are inexpensive and results are pretty quick. News releases
get indexed by Google almost instantly unlike other websites.

…and that’s not all. A good press release campaign can give
you excellent SEO benefits. Yes, most of the news wires
have turned no-follow. But still it helps your SEO efforts.

Press Releases Can Help You Rank For Your Keywords

It is not easy to get your website rank well on Google search
results. But it’s easy to rank a press release page. Yes, when
people search for YOUR keywords, if they don’t find your site,
they’ll find the press release, which will still lead them to your
website.This is a brilliant strategy.

People And Traffic SEO

Search engines look closely at the number of people that visit
your website each day. The more visits you get, the more
valuable your site would be in Google’s eyes, your website’s
authority increases and so as your search engine positions.

Backlinks & SERPs

If the press release has a link to your website, it adds great
SEO value (Nope, not all PR services are no-follow). This gets
you more indexed pages on Google with your backlink to
boost your SERPs.

Hope I could convince you the power of press releases. We will
see a few good topics to create brilliant press releases for your
business or website in the next email. If you have a question,
please feel free to ask.

Post by:
Mervik Haums

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