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The Art of Hospitality and Social Media

The Art of Hospitality and Social Media

Hospitality and Social Media can be very complex at times. I say as J W “Bill” Marriott, Jr. “Hospitality comes from our soul, and it has to be genuine”.

To me Hospitality is Art. It is like the painter that uses a combination of colors to create a picture. And we all will have a different perspective of how we view the finished product. The key is to bring out the communalities that tells us that this is an experience we want to share with others.

The Hospitality Experience is no longer just about the Hotel Experience and Reviews. Though both is important components of the Total Experience. Today it is about how your Social Community interpret your experience, and how much this will impact their decision.

When it comes to Social Media the Hotel Industry has not been first in line to adapt to change.

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