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The Six Kinds of Social Media (And What Is Best For You)

1: Social Networking

An online community of people interested in the same things

Examples: Facebook, MySpace

Suggested use for the inn marketer: Start groups and interact with fans

2: Blogging (and Microblogging)

What it is: A journal where you can keep visitors updated with news and stories (microblogging is like text messaging)

Examples: WordPress, Twitter

Suggested use for the inn marketer: Talk about your surrounding area (as a travel destination) or a specific area of interest for you and your ideal guest

3: Social Bookmarking

What it is: Allows users to save and share web pages they find

Examples:, Digg

Suggested use for the inn marketer: Let people share your blog content, with attribution and links

4: Media Sharing Sites

Sharing photos and videos

Examples: Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest

Suggested use for the inn marketer: Take photos and video from your inn or area, and publish them to media sharing sites for increased visibility. Also take video and audio comments and reviews from guests and share them as well.

5: Review Sites

What it is: Allows travelers to review inns (potential guests can use this to make their travel plans)

Examples: Yelp, TripAdvisor

Suggested use for the inn marketer: Find out what guests are saying about your inn, and respond with solutions as needed.  89% of US buyers read online reviews, so it’s important to be aware of what they’re saying about you.

6: User Generated Content

What it is: Travel guides written by the end users

Examples: WikiTravel, World66

Uses for the inn marketer: The opportunity to be involved in writing your area’s visitor guide

How do you choose which types of social media to get involved in?  Most likely you’ll use a mix, but it depends on who you’re trying to reach.

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