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Travelers want the human face back in tourism

According to Rafat Ali, Founder/ CEO of Skift, research shows that travelers want the human face back in tourism in a digital age where machines book your hotel room, air ticket and other needs.

According to Rafat Ali, Founder/ CEO of Skift, a US-based travel industry intelligence and marketing platform, research shows that travellers are yearning for a ‘more human touch’ and less tech. “It should be a mix human contact coupled with digital efficiency,” he said speaking at the at the 2017 annual Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) summit held in Sri Lanka’s west coast town of Negombo.

“It is time that we return to the core of travel – hospitality,” he said adding that while platforms like Airbnb, and Uber have transformed the travel landscape, mass tourism might be on the way out as millennials prefer quieter cities than overcrowded ones.

The conference drew many references to the way travel is changing under a shared economy where the focus is on access to convenience rather than ownership with millennials leading the way in these progressive changes.

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