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What the modern marketer looks like

Marketing doesn’t look much like what it used to. We’ve gone from the days of Mad Men to the days of content creators and Youtility businesses. The skills required to be a great marketer are changing as well as expanding and becoming more varied.

How does the modern marketer survive and thrive?

– The modern marketer is agile and adaptive. The online world moves fast, so your marketing needs to, as well. Laura Ramos of Forrester Research uses the acronym A.D.A.P.T. – accept change, dare the status quo, act continuously, participate personally, and tear down boundaries.

– Modern marketers know that only valuable and relevant content is king now. “Content is king” has been thrown at us constantly for years, to the point that people think any old content will do. But what good is putting out content that no one wants to read? It’s worse than nothing at all, because it can damage your reputation.

– Modern marketers know that marketing is a combination of creativity and science. There’s a reason “big data” is one of the biggest marketing buzzwords of the year. People are perplexed about how to turn numbers into decisions, because so many marketers emphasize the creativity aspect more than the science.

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