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Your online ads are creeping out your customers

If your business is using online advertisements that are targeted to consumers based on their Internet browsing history and personal information, you may want to reconsider that marketing tactic, new research finds.
According to a new study from Ithaca College, many online users find tailored ads to be “creepy,” and thus are less likely to buy the products and services being promoted.

“My experience was that consumers’ reactions to it were not good,” Lisa Barnard, the study’s author and an assistant professor of integrated marketing communications at Ithaca College, said in a statement. “They found it to be really creepy.”

The study’s authors defined “creepiness” by the feeling consumers get when they sense an ad is too personal because it uses data the consumer did not agree to provide, such as online-search and browsing history. Consumers are even more creeped out by this because they don’t know how and where that information will be used.

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